A Note on Web Browsers and XC Skies

There are many web browsers used to navigate the web. There are also numerous versions of each browser, with new releases available weekly for many. XC Skies supports all of the major browsers for use of the soaring forecasts. Here is a list of supported browsers:

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)
Firefox 2.5+
Safari 4.0+
Opera 10.0+
Chrome 3.0+

NOT supported:
  • Internet Explorer 6 IE6 (may it rest in peace)
  • Netscape anything (officially dead Dec 28, 2007). Also AOL.
  • Older Mozilla-based browsers. (Use FireFox instead)

If you do not have a recent version of a supported browser for XC Skies, then we cannot vouch that all or any features will work properly.

Screen and Display Size

XC Skies is best viewed in 1024 x 768 screen size or larger. Do not expect XC Skies to be overly useful when running under this size. It will technically work in any screen size, however using the scroll bars does not make for a pleasant and easy-to-use experience. | Disclaimer | Privacy | Terms of use | Contact Us
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