XC Skies General FAQ
Login is not working. Why?

There are a few common reasons why this could happen.

Login and Password do not work. Remember that your password is case sensitive. For example, "MyPass123" and "mypass123" are not the same.

Forgotten password. If you forgot your password have a new one mailed to you using this form. You can then change it to anything you'd like later here.

I login and then I'm asked to login again. Sometimes you may need to delete your browser's cookies for the domain. In particular, if you have not logged in since October 12, 2008, you may see problems. Deleting your cookies will fix the issue. This was due to user sessions getting mixed up during a server migration.

"This user needs to be confirmed first" message.  When you create a user account, an email is sent to you automatically. You must click on that link or enter your confirmation key here in order to activate the account. We do this to confirm that you are a real person. If you have a Microsoft hotmail or Live email address, you may not receive your confirmation email. Hotmail in particular occasionally blocks emails coming from the domain. We've requested a resolution from them, but have had very little response. You will likely find the email in your Junk folder immediately after creating your account. | Disclaimer | Privacy | Terms of use | Contact Us
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