XC Skies Maps FAQ
What browsers are supported?
XC Maps is supported in these popular browsers:        . See the main FAQ page for exact versions and what some browsers are not supported any longer.

It says that I'm logged in, but I can't actually use anything. How can I fix this?
This is likely due to your browser's cookie getting out of sync with your session on our end. To fix this, just delete your cookies for the domain. You don't need to delete all of your cookies, unless you are running Windows IE.

Why do the Top of Usable Lift winds sometimes show different when looking at the same area side-by-side with two browsers for the same time?
Note that winds for top of usable lift are slightly different for each view. This is due to how the map is framed. For example, because the wind overlays are a single image, if the map dimensions and center are not exactly the same as seen here in this example (image below), the sampling of wind barbs are at slightly different locations. The zoom level here of 7 still shows a large area where entire mountains are depicted in just a handful of screen pixels. Because the map bounds are slightly different, the exact locations of the wind barbs vary a little. Following the red arrows, the first map show winds at the 12K ft level where the second map shows the winds at the 8K ft level (note the wind barbs tips are where the exact wind location is being represented). Because of where the sampling of wind barbs should be placed in order to not overlap (which would make the readability of the barbs impossible), the locations can miss large areas depending on the zoom level. Once zoomed in closer, the winds become increasingly clearer to understand over complex terrain regions with mountains and valleys.

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Map tiles are missing sometimes. What's that all about?
If map tiles of the road overlay or terrain base tiles do not load, it is due to the browser not managing its connections properly or a "hiccup" in the network occurred which resulted in the image request to receive an error. A quick way to remedy this is to zoom out one level, then zoom back to the previous level. You'll likely see the missing map tiles load properly. These issues are beyond the control of XC Skies as they are often local network and/or browser quirks. | Disclaimer | Privacy | Terms of use | Contact Us
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