Bugs and Known Issues
Updated Feb 9, 2010.

Below is a list of known bugs and issues as reported by users of XC Skies as well as the developer(s). They will be addressed based on the impact each one has to the most amount of users.


  • Add back v1 feature of setting a start and stop time for routes
  • Possible Mac/Safari issues, but have not been able to duplicate any issues definitively.
  • Review loading process when routes and points are used to minimize the amount of map api calls.
  • Add feature to save routes and point forecasts directly from maps.
  • Add feature to manage routes and point forecasts from maps.
  • Urge CloudMade to remove parks as a default solid color from road/label layer.

Recently Resolved

  • Add a way to view QuickCasts in the context of the maps and explorer, and XC Maps in other products. Essentially, make all profiles cross compatible to some degree for easy exploration.
  • Units for all products are not saving properly when knots is selected as the updraft velocity unit. 
  • Added 'remember my login' feature on main login page.
  • Fixed QuickCast unit issue with area maps always showing in FT and F.

IE8 and IE7 Issues
  • Let's see...where do we begin? Internet Explorer version 7 and 8 have many nuances when it comes to integrating applications with Google Maps API.
  • Asynchronous connections are now revamped (AJAX stuff).
  • Forcing  IE8 to use IE7 mode when using XC Skies applications. This fixes the issue of points and routes not being added to the exact mouse location. This is a known defect with IE8 and Google Maps. It's unclear on who will budge to resolve officially.
  • "Working..." overlay will now timeout if it gets stuck turned on (due to the above IE8/7 issues).
  • On slow connection it is still possible for the Map application to not load entirely. If this happens, try doing CTRL+R to forcefully reload the page.

Safari 4 Issues
  • Accommodating AJAX connections properly with Safari Beta 4+.
  • Provided basic support for Safari running on iPhones. However, a new version of Maps is currently being developed for the iPhone and Mobile devices. We'll send email when the beta is ready to tested.

General Issues
  • Saving profiles on the Maps application now works in all browsers without errors.Also added ability to "remember" the model type if RUC or NAM is selected. Also, try saving a 2 map panel of GFS vs. RUC as a profile for quick comparison of the day's model differences in North America.
  • Added calendar feature to Maps application to allow users easy access to all historical data (back to Sept 08).
  • Fixed bug with northern hemisphere data not showing properly when the sun does not drop below the horizon.
  • Modified RUC run times so forecasts are available in the morning on the East Coast of North America.
  • Streamlined some Javascript code so Map loading happens quicker.
  • Fixed nomenclature on properly using the term Transparency.
  • Enabled image smoothing for all users when zoomed in past level 6. This does not impact forecast accuracy and makes layers easier to read, especially with a semi-transparent overlay.
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