XC Skies Soaring Forecasts
XC Skies Mobile

XC Skies Mobile for iPhone provides a trimmed down featured version of XC Skies maps. The iPhone mobile device is currently only supported. Android based devices will be ready spring 2012, along with any other smart phone that uses a fully web compliant browser (based on web-kit implementations).

Users of the mobile application should be familiar with the basics of XC Skies to get the most out of the forecasts.

XC Maps

The XC Maps is an application that allows you to interactively review potential soaring conditions across the globe. Most of our XC Map layers are computed at 1km resolution. This provides you with the very best characterization of thermal parameters that modern computer processing can offer.
XC Route & Point Forecasts

XC routes and point forecasts are now integrated into XC Maps. These easy to use tools allow quick exploration of potential XC routes and the upcoming soaring trends. Get the most out of the day with these tools.

XC QuickCasts

The XC QuickCast application provides an extremely light bandwidth alternative to interactively exploring the Maps applications. QuickCasts are designed to give users an instant overview of a pre-defined view for a region of interest. QuickCasts combines cross section routes, point forecasts, and area maps in a simple table layout with thumbnails. All image sizes are optimzed to be as small as possible, and a single URL will automatically show the user virtually everything they want to know about the day without needing to click too much.
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