XC QuickCasts
Pilots, friends, and critics all chimed in to help create XC Skies QuickCast. This tool is a lighter weight alternative to the interactive Maps application. QuickCasts also merge the new cross section route and point plot technology, just like XC Explorer.

QuickCasts present all of the parameters and forecast hours for a day all in a simple table with thumbnail images that can be enlarged with a single click. It takes just a few minutes to create a QuickCast, and it will likely save you a tremendous amount of time after it's created. QuickCasts will load quickly, with all images carefully optimized to be as small as possible. This will greatly improve soaring forecast access in low bandwidth locations.

Like the Explorer tool, this tool was the natural evolution of needing to review as much data as possible, while at the same time minimizing the amount of clicks and load times.

A single URL is all you need to get at your customized forecast:

We highly recommend you take a minute and review the tutorial to get the most out of using this application. Check it out here.

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