Future Development List
Updated April 18, 2009

Below is a short list of items that will be addressed over the next while. Some items we are developing are not on this list to protect the efforts, but will have substantial impacts on the flying comminity.

  • Integrate NAM and RUC model output into the QuickCast and Explorer tool. This requires a new approach to accurately representing the non-uniform grid that these models use in order to parameterize these data sources with a comfortable degree of accuracy. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. We have to be certain the errors are not introduced to coastal and complex terrain regions when parameterizing this output.
  • Add model run times and 'next run at...' labels for QuickCasts and Explorer.
  • Add a new set of route plots that allow users to show wind relative to their path instead of using the cardinal system (up is North, down is South, etc).
  • Add an email a friend option
  • Create the interface to allow pilots to share their various profiles with a single click.
  • Create the interface that allows users to view and communicate with members who elect to be public on the site.
  • Surface validation efforts which has the ability for pilots to upload their flights to compare against the forecast for the day in detail. This will allow XC Skies to quantify the flight in terms of accuracy to the forecast and provide a means of alerts in the future when conditions exist for that flight again.
  • Create a simple Mobile interface for members to view QuickCasts via their Mobile device that does not support a full browser with AJAX capabilities (such as older Blackberry's and non browser devices).
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